Student days

Get hands on…

Entering the Linde world while still at university.

University Students

Being a student is about absorbing all the knowledge you can in order to best prepare yourself for your career ahead. So if you’re interested in making the most of your time at university by supplementing your learning with practical experience, here are your options.

Student Internships

We open our doors to anyone studying a technical or economic subject that requires an internship as part of their course or as a pre-requisite. If you just want to gain insight into the workings of a global company by doing a voluntary internship – then that is possible too.

At Linde we believe in our interns and it won’t be long before you are entrusted with responsibility on real projects. In doing so you will gain an overview of our day-to-day business: an opportunity for you to learn about us and for us to learn about you!

Working Students

Downtime from studying provides a perfect opportunity to gain practical experience. Being a working student allows you to apply what you’ve learned to a live environment and bring your experience from that environment to your studies. You also get the chance to live our working culture.

In order to gain as deep an understanding as possible, our working students apply to the one department which best corresponds to their area of study. You’ll be employed by The Linde Group for an agreed number of hours and work for our company during your term holidays or parallel to your studies.

We know it’s all about balance. So when it comes to hours, our working students enjoy more flexibility than interns for example. We make sure work doesn’t get in the way of study and vice versa.


The final sprint! You’ve reached the stage of your thesis: finish on a high! Why not take on a challenging graduation subject with the support of our seasoned experts. Not only can you take advantage of the knowledge and expertise at hand but you will also be able to establish personal contacts for your potential future at Linde.

We offer certain thesis subjects to choose but also look forward to your own suggestions. Whatever the topic, be it in the business or technical field, you’ll be sure to expand your knowledge, skills and abilities.

What we offer

When you’re still at school or university you have the world at your feet! We know that Linde is not the only company out there offering opportunities for students but we believe that we are the best. Here’s why.

  • Renowned company

    • Secure company with more than 135 years of history full of technological progress
    • One of the world leading supplier of industrial, process and specialty gases and one of the most profitable engineering companies
    • Global company with production sites and offices in more than 100 countries
    • Open and friendly working atmosphere full of team spirit and trust

  • Excellent working conditions and benefits

    • Flexible working hours, up to 30 vacation days and a attractive compensation

  • Award winning vocational training

    • Decades of experience in vocational training
    • Competent and dedicated training supervisors in each location
    • Opportunity to work independently and learning experiences in various departments
    • High variety of challenging tasks
    • Outstanding learning environment and excellent infrastructure
    • Hands-on training and social events (e.g. on-boarding and introduction days)
    • A track record of award-winning apprentices, cooperative students and training supervisors
    • A track record of excellent final grades upon graduation

  • Outstanding career opportunities

    • Attractive entry-level positions and excellent chances of permanent employment
    • Comprehensive range of development options and career opportunities


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